Msn Dating Malaysia

msn dating malaysia
Should I tell Him ??

I used to go out wif a guy named Dan. He was really nice then, but after few weeks, I dunno why he started being angry, he broke up with me and I cried for bout 1 week, after the week, he came back. He asked me out agen~I accepted coz i relli like him badly. but it ends up during when we were going out, we always argu, we broke up at least 4times, but we keep liking each other.(broke up)but we still talk to each other on msn.While I was in malaysia for holidays, I met a guy, we went out for a week, because i couldnt stand it thati still loved Dan, So i broke up with him for Dan~ Dan wouldnt understand me… I asked him out~ He Declined…. He told me ” Ur such a Playgal,You hurt every1 ur with” it hurts me so bad, and then he dated my bestfriend=[ + he lied to be at least 9times + Made me cry more than 20times.
~NOW~ He still likes me, he asked me out agen–, i declined coz i couldnt forgive him~ Should I tell him what he did 2 me and i wouldnt go out wif him????

Can’t you see a pattern here? Do you like the drama? I think you should just stay away from Dan. It sounds like a volatile relationship that will only cause you pain in the long run.

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