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Rich Women Looking for Young Men

Are young christian women desperate for a man? I live somewhere in rural Pennsylvania. There are a lot of religious groups here. Amish, Mennonites, and various divisions of Christianity. I have noticed a number of christian women seem to like me and in a romantic way. Why is this? I don’t go to church and […]

Rich Men Looking for Young Women

Will you marry an older rich man or young poor man? This question is only for all the girls or women out there. Please englighten me about this pondering of mine… Suppose you were in your 20s and met an educated, nice looking, kind and wealthy rich man from a different caste but same religion […]

Looking for Wealthy Women

Do women prefer a good looking, wealthy, shady, unpredictable man to an average man with stable principles? Or is the looks, money, and challange too exciting for the average man to compete? I guess i kinda know what answers I’m gonna get. But i guess i just wanna see it. I prefer average and stable. […]

Dating Wealthy Men

How do I go about meeting a good looking wealthy man? I’d like to date a man who is very wealthy, anywhere from $150,000 a year or higher, who is good looking. Some might think I’m materialistic, but I want to have security … ya know? I don’t want to date a douche bag who […]

Dating Rich Women

The Dating game by Jiangsu TV &$ &$Ma Nuo (left), a model from Beijing and a guest on Jiangsu Satellite Television’s If You Are The One program, has been derided for her material girl image. Provided to China Daily&$ &$ Jiangsu Satellite TV’s If You Are The One is revolutionizing the world of dating shows […]