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Looking for Wealthy Women

Do women prefer a good looking, wealthy, shady, unpredictable man to an average man with stable principles? Or is the looks, money, and challange too exciting for the average man to compete? I guess i kinda know what answers I’m gonna get. But i guess i just wanna see it. I prefer average and stable. […]

Dating Wealthy Men

How do I go about meeting a good looking wealthy man? I’d like to date a man who is very wealthy, anywhere from $150,000 a year or higher, who is good looking. Some might think I’m materialistic, but I want to have security … ya know? I don’t want to date a douche bag who […]

Dating Rich Women

The Dating game by Jiangsu TV &$ &$Ma Nuo (left), a model from Beijing and a guest on Jiangsu Satellite Television’s If You Are The One program, has been derided for her material girl image. Provided to China Daily&$ &$ Jiangsu Satellite TV’s If You Are The One is revolutionizing the world of dating shows […]

Dating Wealthy Women

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Women Dating Rich Men

Why do black women and white men date, marry, and have children? My sister has never given me a direct answer. She is currently pregnant by a spoiled, rich white guy and his family is super conservative which erks me! But I see alotta cute black girls with these cocky, arrogant white guys and I […]