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MS2007 print layout not showing WYSIWG?

I’m running Word 2007 with two HP printers, HPLJ1300 and HP7250. The print layout in Word all of a sudden no longer shows the pages as WYSIWG. Any embedded objects, such as page numbers, dates, equations and hyperlinks show as, for example, {Page}, rather than ‘Page 1′, ‘Page 2′. Equations show as {EMBED Equation 1 }, etc. When I print the documents, they print fine. The biggest problem with this is that the correct spacing and page numbers do not show in Print Layout view. I am using 1 inch margins all around, with left justification. I have tried uninstalling Word (I uninstalled the entire Office suite), the printers and their drivers. With each re-install the problem is still there. The problem also happens in Excel. Any idea what’s going on?

- Go to C: > Documents and settings > YourUserName > Local settings > Temp
and delete every thing here
(If you could not see Local settings, type it in address bar)
- Restart computer and try again

This should solve it since your problem related to Word

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