Dating Jewish Man

Are Jewish women allowed to date Christian men?

One of my jewish friends won’t date a guy because he’s christian. I was just wondering how religion plays a role in this regard. Would you say this is common? It would also be important for me to what section in Judaism have the belief that jewish women should only date jewish men. i.e. orthodox? and which don’t really care about this? I was just wondering because I was interested in dating a jewish girl and after what happened with my friend i’ve been thinking about it quite a bit. thanks for your answers.

Some people will not date outside of their religion, regardless of what that religion may be. However, I’m a Christian, and have dated Jews (mostly Reform Jews). I’m also engaged to marry a non-Christian. I know several Christians who are married to Jews. Some people allow their religion to dictate who they can form relationships with; others don’t. I personally think it’s inadvisable to allow religion to control relationships, but that’s just my opinion. If you only stick to only associating with people of your own religion, think of all the interesting people you won’t be meeting.

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