Dating Smoking

dating smoking
Why would a man who does NOT smoke cigs even consider a woman who DOES?

I just do not get it. If I didn’t smoke, I don’t think I would consider dating a man who did…..

What is your take on this?

I am not a smoker….swore i would never date a man who smoked…but then i met this amazing man…he made forget how to breathe….i fell in love with him the day i met him….guess what…. hes a smoker! while is a nasty habit, unless you understand why they smoke you don’t understand them.

my husband has a crappy mother…she started teaching him to smoke at 4. she actually made him smoke with her…so now he is a smoker. i would love it if he quit but i will not push him. when i met him he was a smoker when i married him 10 years ago he was a smoker and he is still a smoker…doesn’t make him bad…it just makes him a smoker.

Smoking Dating Islam – Questions and Answers

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