Dating Abuse

dating abuse

with today’s technologies. What’s acceptable?

Today’s day and age of modernism has seen communication match making tools pioneered to the forefront of the 21st century.

Such advancements are common day social tools young adults rely on for almost any aspect of life that requires communication. Ten years ago, these emerging technologies were taboo for most ordinary people.

What was recently trivial and somewhat viewed as gimmicks, gizmos and gadgets are today essential tools of communication and technology for young adults who have become accustomed to not know any different. We are talking about the likes of Face Book, My Space, Twitter, Black Berries and mobile phones turned into home computers.

The social landscape of dating has seen the same rapid development in technology with online dating sites turning dating into real time online introductions with chat rooms functionality where singles can chat amongst certain groups or in complete privacy. Online dating has also made its way to the mobile arena where subscribers can send and receive messages to and from admirers directly from their mobile phone.

What is the appropriate etiquette for online singles looking to take the leap of love online? By taking the time to navigate this tricky terrain you will be more adapt to best manage your social network.

There are enormous advantages that the convenience of communication modernism brings, sadly though, society also utilizes these tools to the detriment of others. Anyone can go online and post untruths or personal details about anyone they please. Hate groups and demoralizing posts are commonly published online which leaves a permanent online stain and cannot be reversed.

Issuing a statement of horrendous impact to someone that could be utterly devastating can be done without a second thought via sms. Like ending a relationship or expressing obscenities.

The shear diversity and features available to us through email, text messaging and cheating websites allows infidelity to prosper, with systems and options designed to disguise certain behaviour and actions.

If you have met someone online and are looking towards an exclusive dating arrangement, can you be sure they are not going online to see if they have any other additional romantic interest. It’s all too easy to cross the line thanks to technology and raises the bar of trust to a new level.

Communication devices also intrude when developing personal if we allow it. Let’s look at the example of an emerging romance where a couple is on a first date. There is something that depicts a persons personality if they are instinctively drawn to answer their mobile phone during the evening. Even taking the time to check who the missed caller was is outright rude. We would tell you that the best cause of action is to turn your mobile off during the date, but such advice just seems too obvious.

The rise of communication technology can be put equally to good use as it can bad. As unusual as it may sound, the use or of technology could be used as a measure of one’s character or trust capability.

With so much to do and see online, take your time with your choices because one thing is for sure, the internet is not going away any time soon.

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