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funny dating headlines

Finding Love on Free on Line Dating Sites

The ‘Nightingale’ of true love

The nightingale sings beautiful and enchanting tunes of love but eludes human vision! So is the case with finding true love on free on line dating sites. Yes, the sites talk about true love and finding your soul mate. And sure, many do succeed. Statistics show a decent rate of success for e-love. But finding an ideal match over the Internet is no easy task.

Today more than 60% of all singles between the ages of 20 and 60 have registered their profiles on some free on line dating site or the other. So you can imagine that finding one person out of millions, as your ideal match is like finding a needle in a haystack! Sifting through a host of spammers and wrong matches is quite a task. However, you can eliminate the froth by cutting right to the point as soon as you register. Besides using attractive user name and headlines, the next best thing you can do is write honest facts about yourself on your free on line dating profile. The one thing this will do is, just attract responses from people who are fine with your profile and have an open mind towards you. This will cut back useless clutter from your response inbox by about 75%.

Don’t forget to upload your latest picture on your free on line dating profile. If you are unsure of which one of your pictures is best, go ahead and experiment! Upload and change your picture every week and track the number of responses you get each time you change it. Keep the picture which attracts maximum responses on your free on line dating profile.

Remember, first impressions are everything. This is as true for the virtual world of free on line dating, as it is for the real world of dating. Keeping this in mind, another thing you can do to increase your chances of finding true love on the dating site, is to write an impressive and attractive first ‘hello’ message. The idea is, it should be unique and not like a standard pick-up line you would use in a bar. That is a total put off in the virtual world as well. If you are responding to a first message on the free on line dating site, make sure that your reply retains a person’s interest in you. Think through the response and ensure your admirer keeps coming back. The message can be simple but witty or funny. People like a sense of humor in their prospective partners. It breaks the ice and keeps the conversations light and friendly and makes you sound more approachable.

The other important thing to keep in mind when conversing with people online is to sound positive, happy and optimistic. Sending out such vibes will attract people with similar personalities into your life. If you sound negative and boring, people will avoid you after first few tries as no one looking for love, wants to attract negative and needy people. Most importantly, it is imperative to strike chemistry between yourself and the prospective partner. Love, in the real or virtual world, cannot survive without an inherent chemistry. However, just because there is no ‘initial spark’, does not mean it will not build. So while you are not advised to stick it out in a failing situation, don’t give up too easily either, when trying your luck on a free on line dating site. Strike a balance. And be patient!

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