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IDK what to do with all the PRESSURE!!!!!?

Okay, im a girl.
Im 12.
My boyfriend is 17….
We go to a school where Ms and Hs is joint.

Anyways, my parents are going away this weekend.
My boyfriend told me he wanted to dry hump me…
He told me that he was coming over Saturday night.
I don’t even know what to do.
If i disagree with him, he will get REALLY mad at me.
I dont want him to break up with me.. im in love with him.
What do i do, and what is that anyways?
Im kinda nervous
But its not illegal, and he just turned 17
He is super nice to me…..
The best boyfriend i could have.
I love him and never want it to end
but if i argue, he will threaten the relationship.
Idk what to do =[
THIS IS NOT FAIR!!!! what would you say to someone who is 30 and 35. there is nothing wrong with that either! age doesnt matter!!!


You 12 and he’s 17???

This is not EVEN a fair match up. And I’ll bet you 50 bucks…

oh, no, wait, you’re 12, you’d be lucky to have $12 on you at any one time….but I digress…

I’ll bet he picked you bc you’re what they call “easy pickings”. You’d be flattered that an older guy was interested, you’d be easy to control and boss around, you’d easily believe him when he said he loooooved you and that you must loooove him too, you’d fall for the …”but if you really loved me, you’d”….line, ….

Your being involved with him is very close to being statutory rape and he could, and should, be arrested.

People who are mature and in mature relationships don’t go around trying to force or emotionally blackmail their partner (YOU) into doing something they don’t want to do.

Partners (YOU) are not easily intimidated into doing something they (YOU) don’t want to do.

This is an entirely inappropriate relationship. If your parents leave you home alone at your age, then they’re as foolish as you are.

If you don’t know what dry humping is and can’t imagine what it is, then you don’t need to know, are not ready to know, and are too young to know.

Back OFF of him. Back OUT of this.


P.S.–People who are 30 and 35?

I’d call that:




–A FAIR match.

A 30 year old can *legally consent* to do things. She knows herself and the dating/romance *game* well enough to know how to say NO and not be pressured, shamed, or pushed into anything they don’t want, don’t like.

At 30 and 35, they BOTH have enough life and dating experience to do any number of things. As well, they can decide what their limits are and insist that they not be crossed. They both have been “around the block” at least once, if not a few times while you’ve been where? To first base? And maybe at that?

A 30 and a 35 year old can get behind the wheel of a car. They also have sense enough NOT to get behind the wheels of a jumbo jet without the proper training and experience.

You? You can get behind the wheel of a bike, maybe even a motorized scooter depending on the laws in your state….and that is where it SHOULD, appropriately, end.

If you should see your classmate, all of 12 years old, joyriding and driving a car down the street, then that would be inappropriate, illegal, and dangerous. Right? Same here in your situation–and mature/maturing people understand that and act appropriately. .

But now let’s put the shoe back on YOUR foot: What if he were 12 and you were 7.

Think seriously now. Think back. Because you’d BOTH be rather young and rather inexperienced sexually and life-wise, it would NOT AT ALL be appropriate for you to date, would it?

That 12 year old would know and understand soooo many more things about life and sexuality than you, a 7 year old would, right?

Can you see YOURSELF being 12 and dating someone who’s 7? Can you imagine how out of balance, how totally wrong THAT would be????

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