Older Women Dating Younger Man

older women dating younger man

Common Misconceptions For Why Do Not Date younger

You might be asking yourself, why do women date younger men? And if you have ever asked this, then you most likely have some general ideas. The most popular thought is that women would only date younger to make them feel good. I will not lie, this is definitely a factor but it is a choice that has some pros and cons. After having only one encounter with a much , I had decided right then and there that younger men was not for me.

To this day I receive messages on online dating sites from men up to 10 years younger than me, but I have always politely declined upon viewing their age. Sure, many of them have been handsome and for a brief moment I fantasized about being intimate with them, but then I would snap back out of it and rationalize that he was too young. Therefore that made dating a younger man out of the question.

Now you must be asking yourself “what is the big deal if he is younger than you lady?!” I am going to reveal to you my personal reasons why I have hesitated and ruled out plenty of attractive younger men.
The biggest reason why I have done a complete 360 whenever confronted with the opportunity of a younger man interested in me is for the pure fact that younger men are in a much different place mentally than I am. I was married to a very immature man and there is no way I would get involved with someone as immature again. I am ready for true love and everything else that comes with it; marriage and children. I’ve just always assumed that a man in his early 20′s is only interested in partying, going to bars to pick up women for one night stands, and would only be interested in me for sex.

I do realize this is not always the case with younger men. In fact, last summer I went to a party where I met a woman that was dating younger men. She was 37 years old and brought with her a 26 year old man she was dating. When he went to go mingle with the other men at the party, I asked her if I could ask her some very private questions regarding younger men. She didn’t mind at all. She revealed to me that dating this young man has been the best dating experience she has ever had. She had been dating him for over 3 months and she found him to be very mature and responsible. He owned his own home on the east coast and moved out to California to be close to her. (They met online.) She opened my eyes to a whole new world and she had proved to me that not all younger men are immature and into partying. After having this talk with her, I was actually open to the idea of dating younger men.

Another misconception that many women have about dating younger men is that the woman will feel as though the man is not as financially secure as perhaps an older man would be. Many men in their early 20′s are just entering college or still have another couple of college years left, which would prevent them from being able to live life to the fullest with an older woman. I also know this is not always the case. There are plenty of men in their early 20′s that have great jobs while attending college or whom have already started their own successful businesses and do not intend on going to college.

Fear is the greatest obstacle facing older women when it comes to dating younger men. I know I fear of what others would think about seeing me with a much younger man. I assumed a younger man’s parents would be against the relationship and would resent me. I know I wouldn’t want my son to date an older woman so I can understand why a younger man’s parents would be upset as well. Once again, I realize that not all younger mens’ parents are going to have an issue with the relationship but there is still the majority that will.

These misconceptions are obviously not always the case. In fact there are many instances where things will end up to be quite the opposite. The only true way to discover if dating younger men works for you is to give it a try and then come to your own conclusions.

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Della LaShaun-What’s Up With Older Women Dating Younger Men?

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