Cheating Women

cheating women
How much of ’s is due to motive and how much opportunity?

I think it’s 95% opportunity and 5% motive. in other words, if a woman has the best opportunity to cheat (can’t be discovered, hot attractive guy to cheat with etc), she most likely will. Do you agree? I think even the happily married women would consider cheating if they were in the ‘right’ situation (or wrong situation, depending on your perspective)

i do agree completely with this. because if they can’t find someone when its on their mind, and there is no opportunity they often forget about it and focus on other things. its all about opportunity. i was married for 10 yrs, my husband never cheated, but the minute this woman came to work where he did, things changed. we had our rough times but doesn’t all couples? and we always worked them out, but one day he came home out of the blue and asked for a divorce. little did i know that for a year he had been sleeping with her right under my nose. there was no staying gone or leaving at night, or going to bars, he did it in the daytime on days his work was slow and there wasn’t any business.

Signs of a cheating wife

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