Emotional Affairs

emotional affairs
affairs very dangerous?

I’ve heard this term “emotional ” lately and seen many women talk about it and how damaging they are then “physical ”, but i havent seen many men in this situation. Do men have “emotional ”? or are most men into the physical?

if anyones been in an “emotional affair” please i would be interested in your stories.
let me rephrase my question… do men think in think this way also, or is it always physical for them?

Let me start by saying I am a woman so I cannot speak entirely for men. Many men would deny it to themselves and say it’s not physical when deep down inside they would like to be physical. Many men would also deny that they are in any type of affair, because nothing is physically happening! They don’t seem to understand the emotional aspect. They also are attracted to the no strings attached side of this affair.

I’ve personally known many emotional affairs are instigated by men, who remain optimistic that it will turn into something physical.

It depends what type of emotional affair it is. Are you both married? If yes then this is dangerous because you are both unknowingly damaging yr relationships. Your partners will eventually ‘sense’ the emotional or physical distance.

Relationship Advice : Is an Emotional Affair Really ?

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