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Dating Puerto Rican Women

Have you ever experienced racism from Puerto Rican or Spanish people ? I am dating a puerto rican guy and I am African American. I have noticed Puerto Rican women eye balling me when we are together. My girlfriend suggested they may have aproblem because some women no matter what race dont like seeing what […]

Friends With Benefits Video

what does he want me to understand? okay one of my best friends sent me a message telling me to listen to wonderwall by oasis. and said “it’s not so much the video as the song itself. you’ll understand, you’re pretty smart lol. ” now i dont get what im supossed to get from the […]

Dating Women

Is the amount a guy spends on dating women inversely related to his lack of game? If you have the game and are desirable enough she will most certainly pay to go out with you. JDAVIS Good look!!! What do yall think ? The only game I want to play with a man is on […]

Dating Essays

WordPlay – Alan Olifson – Dating Tags: culture, dating, funny, humor, Most Popular, psychology

Dating Big Men

Re: AskA GTv – Topic #4 Why Men Fear Dating “Big Girls” Tags: dating, men, Most Popular, personals, sex, social