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Online Dating Trends

Why do girls act so ignorantly after a blind date? I’ve met a lot of girls online, but noticed a trend of ignorant behavior. They usually feign interest, during the chat- usually not a date, and then don’t contact me again, and ignore my emails and phone calls. I’m not a bad guy. I’m a […]

Black Singles Christian

Do you think Christianity still has a racist air about it? I asked if God was black because he made man in his own image and man came from Africa and not one single Christian even thought is was a possibility. I was starting to think white Jesus was more about tradition than racism. Not […]

Polish Dating Usa

Does anyone know HOW to search for records of the 1887 Russian census which was the only Census taken ? Im researching my european relatives whom were of German decsent at that time before they immigrated to the USA I cannot find ellis Island docking info the dates are too early so we dont even […]

Dating Ariane

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Internet Dating Experiences

anyone have experience with internet dating ? I wrote alot of women & I get no or negative repsonses..? Is this common with internet dating or is it just me? Also, all i get are scams- unsolcited emails, russian women african women. all scams !!! I nhave written like 50 women and I thought I […]