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Online Dating Mmorpg

Online Dating is funny Tags: community, games, Most Popular, online, social, web2.0

Christian Dating Sites

Does anyone know of any CHRISTIAN dating web sites? Not Eharmony as they are not a Christian site!!!? The Truth About “Christian” Dating Sites Tags: christian, christian dating sites fish, christian dating sites free, christian dating sites in usa, christian dating sites reviewed, christian dating sites uk, dating, group, Most Popular, network, social

Online Dating India

Should I date a guy from India? I’m an American lady. I met a man from India online about four months, ago. He is very sweet and kind. He is well-educated, intelligent, creative, and artistic. He realizes the differences in American culture and Indian culture and is willing to accept those differences. What do you […]

Speed Dating Twin Cities

Temple Of Blood – Destruction Of The Twin Cities Tags: Most Popular

Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

For people who were in extramarital affairs: During your affair, did you give MORE/LESS sex to your spouse? It’s said one of the sure-fire signs of a cheating spouse is that they are available for sex less often with the non-cheating spouse; they have headaches, etc. But one would think the reverse could be true. […]