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Dating Firemen

Dirty Business: Maybe we should respect the people who really do the work Maybe you have been flipping through the channels on a Tuesday night, and come across a popular Discovery Channel show called “Dirty Jobs.” Reality shows are scattered all over the tube like… New York Speed Dating – Speed Dating a New York […]

Internet Dating Problems

Having major problems with my internet which keeps disconnecting me. could it be to do with my network adapter? Two of my network adapters show a yellow caution sign. i have tried updating them but it says they are up to date. HELP ME! try explaing your setup more clearly the information you give the […]

Internet Dating Players

The Complete Losers Guide to Internet Dating If you’re like me, you’ve had some trouble in the “normal†dating world and think internet dating might be just what you need to level the field. You figure, as I did, that women on the web are looking for more content and less fluff. Unlike in “real […]

Jennifer Nettles Dating Kenny Chesney

how old is clayton mitchell?! (kenny chesney’s lead guitarist) anybody know? bc i heard he was dating jennifer nettles, but you never know with celeb. gossip & internet postings. i read somewhere that he’s 22…? im trying to figure all this out bc jennifer if 33, & yes you can date younger people, but that […]

Dating British Women

Do British women realise how lucky they are to have British men to date ? I’ve travelled a lot to places like South America, SE Asia etc. and the ladies in these places really like those British guys, mainly because the local men are so inconsiderate and macho in their attitude toward women. It’s quite […]