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Dating Long Island

Where is a in-expensive but nice place to have a wedding in long island new york? The wedding date is June 11, 2010 The townhouse is closed. What were you hoping for pp? How many guests were you hoping to invite? (this will effect minimums) Thursday Evenings are almost half as much as a Saturday […]

Dating Lock

After the date of a tax sale redemption are you given any time to remove your belongings? In the state of New Jersey, after a tax sale redemption are you given any time to remove your belongings or is the date listed the date they lock the house. You didn’t say if you own or […]

Radioactive Dating Activity

Radioactive Dating? An archeological specimen containing 10.2 g of carbon has an activity of 1.8 Bq. How old (in years) is the specimen? The answers is 2250, and I have no idea how to get that. What is the current day activity of C-14/g? Call that “a.” What is the activity/g of your sample? Call […]

Russian Girls Marriage

Russian Girls ! They Are Very Special ! This topic has been debated many times but the question still exists: “Why do a lot of single men all over the world choose Russian girls?” Frankly, I get asked this question a lot. What’s so special about Russian girls? If you ask yourself the same question […]

Overcoming Dating Shyness

How did you overcome your shyness? This question is for people who use to be really shy… I’m 21, never really been on a date before because of my shyness. I could have dated a few people in the past, but I was always to shy to epress my feelings to them. It feels like […]