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Fat Dating

are most wemon on dating sites fat? are most wemon on dating sites fat? I don’t know what a “wemon” is…but women and men on dating sites all exist offline, so there are as many fat folks on those sites as in your every day world. I use dating sites, and I am not fat. […]

Dating Cuban Men

Do American Cubans have their sons circumsized ? My daughter is dating a cuban and I think there is nothing worse than an uncircumsized man. I hope that some cubans born and raised here in the states circumsize their sons. Some probably do, most probably don’t. Uncircumcised is far better in many ways. Either way, […]

Leonardo Dicaprio Dating Israeli

what do you think of Israeli supermodel bar refaeli? she used to date leonardo dicaprio and she’s been on the cover of sports illustrated, shes also been in a lost of magazines and commercials lately …she even did a movie….some of her major ad campaigns include: garnia fruitis . hurley, and rampage. nice boobs Bar […]

Dating Guidelines

Christian Dating Offline, Online A popular way for Christian single men and women to connect with each other is through Christian dating. Christian adults meet each other and learn if a a life together as husband and wife is possible. There can be many different roads to developing a lifelong friendship, discovering a soul mate, […]

Dating Flirts

He broke my heart but now flirts with me while he dating a girl! Help!!? So I liked with this guy and he said he liked me too but he also liked my friend. Now hes dating my friend. He broke my heart but what is worse is that she is extremely jealous so he […]