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Php Dating Scripts

How do I view my PHP page? I know HTML and CSS very well, and I’m delving into PHP. I made a PHP script that will let me view the date according to the server but I can’t figure out how to view the page. Today’s Date (according to this Web server) is That’s the […]

Speed Dating San Francisco

6-mth Pregnant Singaporean still waiting for NVC for her Green Card app. What to do to speed up process? Hi, I’ve married a US citizen in San Francisco City Hall in March this year and we are currently expecting a baby boy. Since our ceremony, we’ve hired an immigration attorney in SF and filed for […]

Nigerian Internet Dating Fraud

Can anyone help stop the Nigerian dating scam using email address [email protected]? Using name James Holt, from Gaston, OR. A widower with a small daughter, drills oil wells all over the world. Nice looking man in pictures, 46, though looks older, balding with white goatee. Tall and well built, strong looking. Claims to be from […]

Cool Bars

What are some cool bars to hang out in San Juan, Puerto Rico? Looking for good drinks and fun times? 1. Plaza del Mercado On Thursday and Friday nights, locals fill the market square, or Plaza del Mercado in Santurce, which transforms into an open-air bloc party. In addition to the many local bars, the […]

Speed Dating Kansas City

speeding violation in Kansas? I was pulled over in Kansas (Overland Park) for speeding. The officer issued me a verbal, and I thought that was the end of it (I did not receive a summons to appear in court). about a month later i received a letter from the city saying that I had missed […]