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Speed Dating Stories

Got a speeding ticket, but the cop waited until i was in a construction zone? So here’s the story. I was driving down I-70 in colorado, and yes I was speeding (so I don’t mind pleading guilty to that). But the cop that followed me did two things that bother me. First of all, he […]

Dating Red Flags Behaviors

Red Flags!? When you begin dating a potential partner and you see a certain behavior or see something that is not right, a red flag if you will, do you point it out and discuss it? Do you think it is a good idea to discuss it? Why or why not? Communication is very important. […]

Interracial Dating Center

Why are so many gay couples interracial? Why are so many gay couples interracial? Every so often I see gay couples who are both part of the same race group, so I am not saying all of them are. However most ethnic gay and lesbian people I notice date whites. I also notice most of […]

Fat Men Dating

Duh! The Most Obvious Scientific Findings of 2010 Along with some truly groundbreaking discoveries, scientists this year told us a few things we already kind of knew. Do Pretty Women Date ‘Fat’ Men? Tags: advice, dating, fat, fat men dating, fat men dating site, fat men dating tips, health, men, Most Popular

Online Dating Secrets

How do you read books online for free? i really want to read this book called Mates Dates The secret story I would buy it but have got to much books at home I’m more of a closet reader anyway it would be great if you knew any sites bye and thanks you can read […]