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Dating Poetry

should i put MY poetry on the internet? I made a peom(secretly) and it was for my ex while we were still dating, now i have nothing to do with it, but I want to know I made the peom, no one can copy, and what ever else they might do with MY peom. I […]

Nigerian Internet Dating Scams

Australian Internet dating sites & Nigerian email scams for flights home? I have come across two very attractive profiles of ladies apparently from Australia wanting assistance to arrive home from Nigeria. Are they all scams & how can you tell ? Ever heard of Linda Lopez or Vanessa Johnson ? I would say so, if […]

Dating Mating Relating

How should i make them realise that i am sorry? i just saw a question here on answers and realised it was by my friend and it related to me!! so basically, MY question is this= initially i caused a lot of trouble before i let my best mate date my sister. now they’re going […]

Dating Music Man Guitars

I’m Dating a man 13yrs older, any thoughts from experience? We met at my University, He’s 32 and I am 19, I’ve been seeing him for 2 weeks and I’d like to see where this goes…One primary concern i have is that his getting ready to settle down and i’m just beginning my career, education […]

Dating Non Believers

Some Guidelines for Christian Dating Generally, Christian dating is more complicated than it is perceived to be. It must follow some guidelines provided by faith while dating is a natural desire in life. Some Christians find difficulty with their religious priorities when entering into a relationship with another person as they can not love anyone […]