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Dating Hot Girls

Why do all the hot girls date ugly slummy guys? I am a hot sexy guy,not to be conceited but hey if it’s true it’s true. I know you are thinking I am a$$, Well you don’t know me so don’t judge me. Anways I see these ugly out of shape guys with these hot […]

Internet Dating Humor

Penis is causing me dating woe? I have a small penis. It’s not like i’m in shock or upset about it, and I’ve heard loads of “it’s not size that matters, but technique”, but I know that it has a psychological effect on many girls because they say so. So when is a good time […]

Dating Hotline

Workplace Fraud: Employees as Internal Fraud Detectors Organizations want to hire honest employees that have similar beliefs and ethics to those of the company.  This helps create a culture where it’s mutually understood that fraud and unethical business practices are unwelcome.  Many companies set their sights on earlier detection of fraud and focusing on a decrease in the number of cases […]

Fun Dating Activities

Any fun, cheap summertime date ideas or activities? Im going out with a new guy and we are running out of ideas of things to do. We end up doing dinner, drinks, or movies a lot of the time. Im bored with that but cant figure out what else we could do. Im up for […]

Dating Question Games

The Daily “The Dating Game” style Question: If our underwear were in a fight, whose would win and why? mine cause it will make a nice sling shot HOW TO BUILD DEEP CONNECTION: ASK THE RIGHT DATING QUESTIONS Tags: dating, dating question games, fun, Most Popular, reference, social, web2.0