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Internet Dating Bad

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Dating Lights

T: Will you please shed some light on your dating experience? I know that it’s hard for people to accept a lot of you for being who you are. And harder to actually let people know that you’re a T while your so many minutes/hours into a date, etc. So, if you’re willing, do share. […]

Carbon Dating Facts

Atheists: How can this be? Proof Carbon Dating is false, and proof that the world is 2,000 years old? The world is only 2,000 years old, don’t be redickuluss… Carbon dating is false because one scientist found a fossil that was over 2,000 years old, but that can’t be the world is only 2,000 years […]

Virtual Dating Simulators

Online Dating Simulator Games? haha i know it sounds stupid, but they’re fun! I’m looking for a free, online game where you meet people, not real people, and have virtual conversations with them and want to get them interested in you. It’s like a dating simulator. A good one would be in like a town […]

Online Dating Dominican Republic

Embassy Appointment/Lost Passport ? My friend is from the Dominican Republic and he either lost or had his passport stolen a few days ago so he paid the outrageous VIP fee and got a new one today because he has a Tourist Visa appointment with the DR Embassy in 2 days. He originally filled out […]