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Online Dating Bikers

I need some advice (online dating), it`s urgent.? I just set a date with guy I met online yesterday. It`s pretty much a blind date, he doesn`t know what I look like,but he has a picture in his profile. However it too small to see what he really looks like. He is a biker and […]

Recovering Affair

Do you think Na will ever recover from his “foreign affair”? And one day be able to process all the intricacies of his situation? Na…I’m worried about you. lol Recovering From An Emotional Affair Tags: affair, affairs, cheating, flickr, infidelity, lang, mage, marriage, Most Popular, recovering affair, source

Dating White Trash

The Plum Line: Barton keeping his job The controversy over Joe Barton’s apology to BP continues to simmer in Republican ranks, but judging by what just took place in a private meeting among GOPers, Barton will be keeping his perch on the Energy and Commerce Committee Joe Barton – BP – England – Lincolnshire – […]

Dating Bulgarian Women

I am a British subject married to a Bulgarian woman and at the moment only drawing a single mans state pension Now that Bulgaria is in the EU am i entitled to a married mans pension and if so will it be back dated to the day Bulgaria joined the EU or to when we […]

Dating for Married People

No date for cheats A DATING agency has been given permission to ban married people from using its services in a blow to philandering spouses. Online Dating for Married People on Sean Hannity 05 12 2010 Tags: dating, dating for married people, dating for married people uk, discreet dating for married people, flickr, for, internet […]