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Dating Deaf

Is Deaf Love True Love? Have you ever experienced language barrier? If you have ever gone to a different city or state, country or continent you know what i am talking about. Over the years, i have lived in different places. I am from an English speaking country so you can imagine what happened when […]

Dating Natalie Portman

2011 Oscar Best Picture Nominations – The Best Collection Ever? The 2011 Academy Awards Best Picture nominees were announced on January 25, 2011 and make up perhaps the best collection of films ever assembled. The list is even more impressive when you consider that this year the field of movies was expanded to 10. The […]

Celebrity Dating List

is Kim Bum (from BOF) super duper popular in korea? or he’s a b-list celebrity? is he dating any girl? or he’s single?? cuz I know lee min ho and kim jyoong are super famous. Kim Bum, how famous is he?? b-list celebrity? c-list celebrity? kim bum’s pretty popular, yeah. he recently won an award […]

Online Dating News

Where can I find news on my birthday? I got a project that I need to create a newscast with events and stuff that happened on my birthday. Im having a very hard time finding news articles online that are free. I need to find a site that will show me just random news article […]

Jesse James Dating Sandra Bullock

Is it true that jesse james was already married with another women when he started dating sandra bullock? Well his wikipedia said he divorced in 2004 and People reports he and Sandra have had a 6 year relationship. So there may have been overlap, there may not. I would say yes probably. Divorces take time […]