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Dating Slang Terms

What does the slang term “whipped” mean when applied to dating? It means you are so head over heals in love that you cant see straight. You cant think of anything else and if you do you cant keep your concentration. It means you only want to be with that person and you usually will […]

Dating Dictionary Doc Love

Dating Women Advice- Always Ask For The Home # Hey Doc, I’m a 24-year-old man who works as a personal trainer.  I bought and read “The System” and I thought all my troubles with women were over.  However, this is far from the case.  In fact, I think that I had more success with women […]

Phone Dating Listings

Buying a foreclosed home question? I live in Oklahoma and there are a few listings like the one listed below. Are these really good deals? Are there any hidden costs that come up? What happens after 20 years? Any information you can give will be great appreciated. ///Remarkable and Large Family Home (stillwater) Date: 2010-02-22, […]

World Dating Partnership

How do i get my confidence back to get into a relationship? 4 years ago i started a relationship with my now ex partner. We met on a online dating site and a year after we were married. Unfortunately the relationship did not last and divorced after 2 years. This was my first relationship and […]

Dating Sources

Why has dating in the United States become so desperate? It seems to me that a large amount of both women and men are extremely worried about not finding a mate. They are constantantly trying to date better people. They are unsatisfied in their current relationships and are always comparing the person they are dating […]