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Online Dating Profile Examples

Do you think that an online dating/hook up site like Yahoo personals, would have some bogus profiles? Meaning , non serious profiles that are a joke or just plain bogus, placed by people who messing around. Although they look legitimate sometimes. I have a couple different contacts on yahoo personals and I am suspicious of […]

Dating Apps

How to download purchased apps? My stupid friend jailbroke my iPod touch and then after a while it died. After it died I had to connect it to iTunes. All of my data was erased! I MEAN EVERYTHING!!!apps,contacts,calender dates,ect. I would appreciate if someone can help me out with my problem Just connect your ipod […]

Text Message Dating Cell Phone

when a subpoena is requested and granted how far into your phone text history is able to be pulled back up? I mean is the text message it’s self readable or is it just times, dates, and phone numbers that they will be able to get? and is the cell phone company the only people […]

Dating Fishbowl

Lucky Door Prizes – Tips To Make Them Legal And Work For Your Business Many businesses use competitions and lucky door prizes as a way of generating leads or building their data base. But if done incorrectly you will end up losing customers and could even find yourself on the wrong side of the law. […]

Dating Central

Sox 6-26 vs. Twins in last 32 meetings White Sox 6-26 against AL Central rival in last 32 meetings The Twins are coming to town to close out the first half of the Sox’s season, and while it may be the new-look Twins, they present the same old problems. Pitching matchups *NEW* Grand Central On […]