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Womens Infidelity

We hear about mens’ infidelity triggers all the time… what are womens’? Seriously… you have 10 random articles at any given time trying to spin women into being terrified that OMG their man might cheat. Well, sure and so might she. A man cheats because of someone else’s neglect to his needs in nearly every […]

One Cougars confession: “I can’t explain why, but I’ve always been attracted to younger men,” she said, pausing. “Without even knowing someone’s age, you can be sure I’m going to gravitate toward the younger guy. And I don’t know if it’s a function of I’m attracted to younger guys or younger guys are attracted to me. […]

Dating Muslim Man

How does a muslim man find a wife without dating her first? do muslim man just pick someone without knowing them and marry them. I need to know or do they call eachother just friends and not girlfriend and boyfriend. thru parents , they allow the couple to see & talk & if they get […]

Dating Violence Statistics

Galveston kids come clean about drugs, sex GALVESTON, Texas — Galveston’s biannual Children’s Report Card shows almost all the island’s public high school students plan to attend college and more of them are likely to have smoked marijuana than cigarettes. The report, officially known as the “Youth Risk Behavior Study 2009,” has just been published […]

Dating Muslim Woman

Why is it fine for Muslim men to date non-muslim women but muslim women can’t date at all? or am I wrong? I have lived in Bahrain for a few years now and I noticed at clubs the Arab guys are dancing and dating Western women routinely. However when I see Arab women out they […]