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Dating Vogue Patterns

Is this a good outfit for the soph hop? It’s a “barely-formal” dance. My date said he’ll be wearing like a cardigan, a patterned shirt, and a tie. I created this Is it a good idea? Does it look good? I know it’s a little too “vogue” for highs school, and I’m only a […]

Dating Blacklist

Can Insurance companies see when an IMEI number was blacklisted? My phone was stolen a couple of weeks ago, and I know that they can check the database to see if the IMEI is blacklisted. But in order to validate my claim, it would help if they knew WHEN it was stolen. The only technicality […]

Lauren Conrad Dating Brody Jenner 2007

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Dating Devotional

What is a good devotional for couples? I have been dating my boyfriend now for over a year. We are both 20 and in college and met at at Christian organization at school. We want to get closer to God and to each other. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good devotional we […]

Dating Marriage

In terms of dating and marriage is this generally true? I often hear things like: dating is fun once you’ve had your fun, you can find someone to settle down with vs marriage is work. = dating is fun and marriage is work. It’s a dry question and it seems simply but could we say […]