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Dating Sims Rpg Games

I Need help please??Any websites that has mmorpg or rpg? Any games like that like sims date or mmorpg or rpg please. gunzonline.com maplestory.com albatross18.com I got more Dream Life – Dating Sim (Independent Game) Tags: community, dating sims, dating sims rpg games, ezine, flickr, games, mage, Most Popular, rpg games, secondlife, social, source, virtual, […]

Internet Dating Mistakes

i have a friend who has met this guy over the internet and is now dating him. is she making a mistake? none of us know him and i dont think she does either.. he claims to have studied abroad and is an official ‘wine taster’ . he didn’t have a facebook id until my […]

Online Dating Site

should online dating site prevent users to view other users photos until interact with that user for a week? most people just look at the picture and went “no thanks, next” when that person is probably the one matches everything they are looking for.. I don’t believe people on dating site should see the pictures […]

Dating Singaporean Women

Question for guys from Singapore? I have a question for any guys, preferably Singaporean Chinese. I am British, live study and work in Britain and have dated two Singaporean Chinese guys in the last three years. One I have just dumped, but for the exact same reasons as the first. They were cheap, nasty, arrogant […]

Radiometric Dating Activity

how is radiometric/carbon dating accurate? how exactly can you measure a chemicals radioactive decay and precisly measure its halflife to be 2.2 billions and based offf of that accuratly prove that the earth is 5.4 billion years old when nothing tells you what the real age of the carbon/uranium/ect was. how do we precisly determine […]